• Coaching - Lasting Love for Couples: Deposit

Coaching - Lasting Love for Couples: Deposit

Feel like you’re losing your spark? Experiencing non-stop arguments and bickering? On the verge of pulling the plug on your relationship all together? Make love last.

​Lasting Love is a couples coaching program that helps partners address relational issues while building the skills to maintain a healthy long-term relationship. It is based on the research done by The Gottman Institute on what makes relationships work. As a couple, you’ll learn how to bring more joy, love, and happiness into your relationship, even in the most challenging moments.

No two couples are the same, which is why we design a custom plan that fits your specific needs and concerns. The safe coaching space we co-create allows us to:

  • Set relationships goals
  • Identify grievances about one another
  • Define relationship roles & expectations
  • Learn science-based communication skills
  • Create a roadmap to build closeness and connection