We are more than makeup. 

Our mission is to create a rich heritage of self-love that is inclusive of all shapes and colors. Our products focus on enhancing your everyday natural beauty while empowering you to love yourself first and foremost.

Founded by serial entrepreneur and U.S. Marine Veteran, Michelle Galarza, who after leaving her first career in the armed forces serving decided to open a boutique lifestyle matchmaking agency but had no clue it would lead her to reconnect with a childhood love: makeup. 

​​Growing up, she was between a tomboy and girly girl, always searching for where she fit in the world so, she wanted this to be about more than just makeup​​​​​. It's the corner of the internet that celebrates what makes us unique and reminds us that real beauty comes from within. 

Incredible Love is a lifestyle brand that celebrates inclusivity and unconditional self love. Our incredible products across beauty and wellness (made or curated by us) champion women to live boldly by their own rules while feeling good from the inside out. 

Love makes the world go around and self-love is where it starts.