Why Red Looks Good On Every Woman

I want to take a moment to celebrate the beauty in you, yes you… and every woman out there no matter what she looks like. Regardless of shape, color, or size, we all have strengths both inside and out. Often times, we just need a little extra help recognizing what those strengths are and how to accentuate them.

Women contribute so much to societies all across the globe, both historically as well as in a contemporary context. It’s time to celebrate the beauty in each and every one of you (with red lipstick no less!).

The Beauty in All Ethnicities

Lipstick as the lead! Adding color to your lips is the perfect way to spotlight your features and show off your personality. Makeup choices vary between ethnicities. Do you have light skin? Brown skin? Thin lips? Thick eyebrows? No matter your shape, size, or color, there’s something for everyone.

What does that have to do with red? Let me ask you this... is red lipstick your go-to? Many women struggle to find the perfect shade of red that works for them, which is understandable. Red isn’t always an easy color to wear. And quite frankly, some women don’t feel confident enough to wear red lipstick at all. Let’s change that!

The Meaning Behind the Color

There’s a meaningful history around the color red. It symbolizes something different in various cultures. For example, in Western cultures, red symbolizes love, passion, strength… and the list goes on.

Asian countries view red as a sign of  joy, good luck, and a long, prosperous life. In some Indian cultures, red is the color of the traditional bridal dress, often associated with marriage and fertility. Russian culture recognizes red as a color of revolution, and in Central Africa red is significant for its symbolism of health and life.

Who would have thought a color could have such depth and meaning and in such different ways?

Let’s Put Meaning into Makeup

How does red come across in makeup? Good question! So far, we’ve learned, red means something different to every culture. It can symbolize your strength, your passion, or even your propensity for a prosperous life. Bring these powerful symbolic meanings into your makeup routine.

For example, wear red to work when you want to show your authority or professional confidence. Wear it on a first date with someone special or when going out with your girls. Having an off day? Try your red on for a quick pick-me-up. Are you still unsure about the power of red? Test it out at home first to gain more confidence in wearing it.

Not sure what to wear it with? Red pairs well with other colors such as yellow or black and is a nice addition to jeans and lace.

Here at Incredible Love, we have the perfect shade of red for you. Tried, tested, and true, this red looks good on every ethnicity. So, the next time you’re dressing up or getting ready to go out, reach for that red lipstick and show the world how you shine.

It’s time to wear red lips more often, ladies!