3 Sexy Phrases to Whisper in Your Lover’s Ear

One of the major components of a happy relationship is a healthy sex life. Unfortunately, after several years together, many couples get overly comfortable and sex starts falling off their radar. Life gets in the way and they get stuck in a rut a lot sooner than they had imagined. Despite what the popular fairy tales (or pop media) might have us believe, relationships take work-- inside and outside of the bedroom! 

If you want true intimacy with your partner, you must keep the romance and the sexual energy flowing on a regular basis.

Even when the novelty may have worn off after years in a relationship with your significant other, you can still drive each other wild like you did in the early days.  The secret is to keep dating every week, no matter how long you’ve had the ring on your finger. 

Flirt, flirt, flirt!

Flirting feels good and is vital to deepening your intimacy. We all want to be desired, and when we stop feeling wanted, our relationship suffers because we feel disconnected from one another. The moment a woman stops flirting with her man, sex becomes a chore. He picks up on the cues pointing to lack of genuine sexual interest and begins to feel rejected. Going through the motions just to get it over with and go to sleep is a recipe for utter dissatisfaction.  So much for butterflies...

Say What?!

One of the easiest ways to flirt with your partner and get your engines revving up again is to whisper something sexy into your partner’s ear. To rekindle the spark, take yourself back to specific moments when all the things you said and did to each other were just absolutely perfect, romantic and just straight up HOT. This powerful technique will bring up old (but good) feelings and remind you of your early sexual encounters. Just the act of bringing up old memories increases intimacy, as they will remind you of how far you’ve come as a couple. Of course, having these conversations and reminiscing can lead to some very hot sex! You’re welcome 😉

It can be challenging to come up with new phrases that don’t make you feel awkward in bed, so try out a few old “standbys” first and get your partner to be the one blushing.

To make your partner deeply desired, use any of the following three sexy phrases:

  1. “Let me make you mine” 
  2. “I am not wearing any underwear right now’”   
  3. “I’m craving to touch you right now”

Flirting is all about getting creative and sharing new sexy, flirty phrases that your partner will love. You have the power to make your partner feel special by using pet names or imitating the tone and volume that you two usually speak in when you are both feeling really turned on. It's not just about what you say, but how you say it. 

A Little Aggression Ain't Hurt Nobody!

Whether you are whispering sexy phrases into your partner’s ear or screaming their name at the top of your lungs, be aggressive!  Show them how much you want them. Pull them closer, use physical touch and maintain eye contact to really set the right mood and make your intentions clear.

Whichever phrase you choose to say and wherever you choose to say it, be mindful of your significant other’s demeanor and body language to see if they’re receptive to your flirting.      

With these three sexy phrases, you’ll be on your way to reigniting the flame in your relationship in no time!