3 Beauty Hacks for Fuller Lips

If fuller lips are on your beauty wish list, you are in luck! Instead of opting for expensive and time-consuming cosmetic dermatology treatments, you can find affordable, quick solutions right in your pantry. Say “no” to lip injections or fillers and hello to  a DIY lip plumper--thanks to the following three beauty hacks:

  1. Make a Cinnamon & Olive Oil Exfoliator. This beauty hack is a sweet treat with two super-star ingredients that remove dead skin cells while stimulating circulation. It works fast to get your lips to plump up, and it is so easy to make.
  1. Whip up a Weekly Lip Scrub. A weekly whip scrub is a perfect way to exfoliate and naturally enhance your lips. To create one at home, use three tablespoons of your favorite oil—either olive, coconut, almond, or avocado. Add several drops of peppermint oil or extract, and six teaspoons sugar.  Be sure to mix well before applying. Store any residual in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Use within twelve to fourteen days. Weekly use will help you achieve optimal results.

PRO TIP: After using any of these DIY lip plumpers, make sure that you fully remove all of their ingredients by gently washing, patting, and moisturizing your lips. 

  1. Brush daily. The last hack is the simplest of all. When you brush your teeth, take a few seconds to brush your lips. Brush them dry and in small circles to encourage blood flow. When you brush, you remove flakes and stimulate circulation, you create the appearance of fuller lips. Just avoid putting too much pressure on the area, as it is sensitive. Note: This is ideal to do before putting on your favorite lipstick!

Who knew making your own DIY lip plumper would be so easy? With these simple techniques and household ingredients, you can experiment with all of these options. Give each a fair try and decide which is best or just select one to make a part of your weekly beauty regimen today. You’ll be puckering up with fuller lips in no time!